The Vice Regent of Natuna Launches the Simultaneous Intervention Movement for Stunting Prevention

To reduce the stunting index in Indonesia, the government implemented a stunting prevention intervention which was carried out from 01 to 20 June 2024 throughout Indonesia.

On Wednesday (05/05) morning, the Vice Regent of Natuna, Rodhial Huda officially launched the simultaneous intervention in the Natuna Regency area, at Posyandu Bunda Ratu, Padang Kurak, Bandarsyah Village, Bunguran Timur District.

The event started with the socialization of the intervention delivered by a team from the Ranai Community Health Centre to pregnant women, mothers of toddlers and brides-to-be.

Rodhial Huda in his speech said that the background of the simultaneous stunting prevention intervention was the decrease in stunting index (0.1% from the target of 14%), so the central government implemented optimal efforts through simultaneous interventions throughout Indonesia.

Furthermore, it was conveyed that the target achievement of villages, sub-districts and sub-districts must be 100%, so if some cannot come to the Posyandu, sweeping must be carried out to homes by officers.

Rodhial Huda invited all cross-sectoral parties to support each other to succeed the simultaneous intervention of stunting prevention in Natuna Regency, so that the stunting rate can be realized at 12.35%, and continue to be suppressed until the end of the year.

Hamid Hasan, the Head of the Activity Implementation as the Head of Bunguran Timur District, reported that in this activity, as many as 26 Posyandu had been scheduled until the end of the implementation period of this program.

The activities are data collection, height measurement, weight weighing for 94 toddlers, socialization for pregnant women and prospective brides.

Present at the activity included the Regional Secretary, OPD heads, Heads of Districts and Urban Villages throughout Natuna Regency in person or online. (Pro_Kopim/Patli)

RILIS PERS, Number : 0327 /PRO_KOPIM/2024

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