The Regent of Natuna Attends the Plenary Meeting of the Submission of DPRD Recommendations on the Natuna Regent’s LKPJ for 2023

Took place in the Plenary Meeting Room of the Natuna Regency DPRD, Jalan Yos Soedarso, Ranai, Bunguran Timur District, the Regent of Natuna, Wan Siswandi attended the Plenary Meeting of the Submission of DPRD Recommendations on LKPJ Year 2023, Tuesday (04/06) morning.

Accompanied by the Chairman of the DPRD and Deputy Chairman II at the meeting, which was directly led by the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the DPRD, Wan Siswandi attended the plenary meeting.

Wan Siswandi conveyed his gratitude in his speech because the Natuna Regency Government’s Financial Report for the 2023 fiscal year which had been audited by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) RI Representative of Riau Islands Province received an Unqualified Opinion (WTP).

The highest predicate in the assessment of this financial report is the 9th time overall or the 7th time in a row achieved by the Natuna Regency Regional Government.

In addition, Wan Siswandi also had the opportunity to submit the Draft Regional Regulation on the Regional Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPD) of Natuna Regency for 2025-2045 which is a planning document for the next 20 years.

The RPJPD of Natuna Regency 2025-2045 was also prepared based on the recommendations in the 2005-2025 RPJPD evaluation document, guiding and paying attention to the Riau Islands Province RPJPD.

In addition, Wan Siswandi also said that the preparation of the RPJPD also accommodated community input to formulate the vision and mission, policy direction, and main objectives of regional development.

The purpose of preparing the Natuna Regency RPJPD 2025-2045 is to establish directions and references for stakeholders and local governments in realizing regional development goals and objectives per the vision, mission and direction of development agreed upon. (Pro_kopim/D&S)

RILIS PERS, Number : 0326 /PRO_KOPIM/2024

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