The Regional Secretary of Natuna Attends the Inauguration of the Islamic Student Association and Kohati of Natuna Regency for the Period 2024 – 2025

Sunday (09/06) evening, the Secretary of Natuna Regency attended the inauguration of the Islamic Student Association and Kohati Natuna Regency Period 2024-2025, which was held at the Bukit Arai Women’s Building.

The inauguration event was synchronised with a public discussion discussing the theme of looking at the future of Natuna’s young generation in welcoming the Golden Indonesia in 2045.

The Regional Secretary of Natuna Regency, Boy Wijanarko, appreciated the newly inaugurated management. He also hoped that HMI and Kohati could contribute to development in Natuna Regency.

Boy Wijanarko also added that as government partners, HMI and Kohati innovation programmes are highly expected in embracing the younger generation in realising a better development direction in Natuna Regency.

Boy Wijanarko also stressed that currently there are various opportunities for the younger generation to realise ideas and ideas that can bring benefits to the benefit of the people. To conclude his speech, Boy Wijanarko invited the youth to contribute to the progress of the region in accordance with their talents and interests.

The inauguration ceremony was marked by the reading of the inauguration pledge by the Chairperson and management of 12 people, by establishing Apriyanti as the general chairman of the Natuna Regency HMI for the 2024 – 2025 Service Period, also in line with the Natuna Regency KOHATI Inauguration for the 2024 – 2025 Service Period by establishing Milda Rusila as Chairperson.

In her speech, the newly appointed chairperson of HMI, Apriyanti, said that this organisation can work well if the entire management can work together to actualize the vision and mission that has been planned together.

Present on the occasion were Wakapolres Natuna, Chairman of STAI Natuna, Representative of Ministry of Religion, Representative of Kodim, Representative of Kajari, Representative of Religious Court, Head of Organisation and Community in Natuna Regency. (Pro_Kopim/Patli)

RILIS PERS, Number : 0328 /PRO_KOPIM/2024

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