The Regional Secretary of Natuna Leads A Meeting with BPJS Health to Discuss JKN-KIS and UHC Achievements

Social Security in the field of Health, is a mandate of the Law that must be actualized by the Government at every level, through the management of regional capabilities, to provide the existence of government for the entire community.

To achieve the above, the existence of the Health Social Security Organisation (BPJS) is expected to support and synergize in actualize health insurance.

This was conveyed by the Regent of Natuna through the Regional Secretary, Boy Wijanarko Varianto, when he led a meeting with the Head of BPJS Health Tanjung Pinang Branch and several related Regional Organisation Heads, located in the Meeting Room of the Natuna Regent’s Office, Jalan Batu Sisir Bukit Arai Ranai, Monday (03/06) morning.

The material discussed was related to JKN-KIS membership and the development of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) achievements in Natuna Regency.

In his speech, Boy said that the Natuna Regency Government is very interested in synergizing with BPJS Health, especially to actualize basic health services for the community.

However, he acknowledged that in this collaboration, there are still obstacles. As a matter of focus and commitment, these obstacles will continue to be addressed to maximize health services for all people in Natuna.

Head of BPJS Kesehatan Tanjungpinang Branch, Muhammad Nur Adriansyah explained that UHC at the Riau Islands Province level currently reaches 98%. Meanwhile, UHC itself can be defined as a set of data that can be used to facilitate access to health services to the community.

For Natuna Regency, UHC reached 101.41% (data as of 1 May 2024). Meanwhile, JKN-KIS membership data in Natuna Regency reached 93.79% (total population of 83,450 people), with 78,266 active participants, and 6,358 inactive participants.

Besides, appreciation was also expressed for the support from the Natuna Regency Government by providing opportunities for BPJS Health to disseminate information related to BPJS performance transparency periodically, through various existing information media.

Nur Adrian sincerely appreciated the Natuna Regency Government for directing all local government officials and most of the Natuna community to become BPJS Health participants. (Pro_kopim/S&D).

RILIS PERS, Number : 0324 /PRO_KOPIM/2024

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