The Regent of Natuna Leads a Meeting on Bhakti Programme Preparation in the North of Indonesia 2024: Make Use of it to Educate and Improve the Quality of Public Health

Attended by the Head of Bunguran Timur Laut District and several heads of related Regional Apparatus Organisations, the Regent of Natuna, Wan Siswandi, led a meeting to prepare the realization of the Bakti Program at the North of Indonesia 2024, located in the Meeting Room of the Natuna Regent’s Office, Jalan Batu Sisir Bukit Arai, Ranai, Riau Province, Monday ((03/06) morning.

The community service activities are held in the form of a Community Learning Program (BBK) for students of the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, which is planned to be concentrated in Tanjung Village, Bunguran Timur Laut District, from 1 to 20 July 2024.

It is planned that 8 (eight) Faculty of Medicine students who will be engaged in this BBK program will carry out several activities, including free health checks and community education workshops.

To support this program, Wan Siswandi hopes that several relevant OPD heads can build coordination and support for the smooth running of these various activities.

Wan Siswandi hopes that the ‘Bhakti di Ujung Utara Indonesia 2024’ program in Tanjung Village, can provide benefits for providing education to improve the quality of public health and the local environment in particular. (Pro_kopim/D&S)

RILIS PERS, Number : 0325 /PRO_KOPIM/2024

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