The Vice Regent of Natuna Officially Opens the Sports Tournament to Commemorate the 17th Anniversary of Sabang Mawang Barat Village, Pulau Tiga District

Located at the West Sabang Mawang Village Foot Ball Field, Friday (28/07) afternoon, the Vice Regent of Natuna, Rodhial Huda, accompanied by the Natuna Regency Head of Youth and Sports, officially opened the Sports Tournament to commemorate the 17th Anniversary of Sabang Mawang Barat Village, Pulau Tiga District.

Also present on the occasion were Captain of KRI Sutan Toha Sayifuddin, Sub-District Head of Pulau Tiga and his staff, Uspika TNI-Polri, representatives of Organisations, community leaders and representatives of activity participants.

Rodhial Huda expressed his congratulations to Sabang Mawang Barat Village, hoping that in the future the implementation of development can bring the community to progress and prosperity.

In addition, he advised all participants that in a match losing and winning is normal, but the main thing that must be maintained is cohesiveness, togetherness and sportsmanship.

On the same occasion, the Head of Sabang Mawang Barat Village, Pipit Triatul, expressed his gratitude for the presence of the Deputy Regent of Natuna who had taken the time to be able to attend and open this activity.

Pipit said, like a human being who has reached the age of 17, development continues but still needs attention and guidance. The main thing he hopes for is none other than a change in the mindset of the community with a tendency for high participation in supporting village development.

Appreciation was also expressed to all the committee members. According to Pipit, various obstacles and barriers may occur during the implementation of activities, but the most important thing is how all parties can support with the contribution of constructive criticism and suggestions.

The chief executive of the activity, Amdat, in his report said that this activity was held to enliven the 17th anniversary of Sabang Mawang Barat Village, in the form of a two-sport tournament, namely the Foot Ball and Volleyball branches.

The participants who participated in the activity, which will be held for approximately one month (28 June to 29 July 2024), include 50 football teams and 50 male / female volleyball teams, which come from various villages throughout Natuna Regency. (Pro_kopim/Rajab)

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