The Vice Regent of Natuna Leads an Audience with Forkompimda and Seskoal

In order to empower the potential of national resources in Natuna, Seskoal and the Government of Natuna Regency held an audience with Forkopimda along with a public discussion in the context of the Seskoal Domestic Work Lecture Strategy Forum (KKDN) which was held in the Meeting Room of the Natuna Regent’s Office, Jalan Batu Sisir Bukit Arai, Bunguran Timur District, Wednesday (26/6) Morning.

The Vice Regent of Natuna, Rodhial Huda, in his speech said that the North Natuna Sea is one of the strategic sea areas in the Indonesian border region.

Natural resources, especially in the fisheries, maritime and energy sectors, make this region as one of the contributors to state revenue that deserves attention and extra protection by the state.

Rodhial explained that if a 180-degree line is drawn around Natuna Regency, then this area is on the golden route of Asian trade because it borders directly with several countries in Southeast Asia.

This is why Natuna is nicknamed the ‘Pearl in the North of Indonesia’, not only because of its strategic location, but also because it has natural resources that are of global concern.

Furthermore, Rodhial explained that the blue print for the development of border areas as Indonesia’s maritime axis has not been strengthened by basic rules governing sea areas specifically, because there is no definite regulation stating that the sea is a definite territory of a country, but only Unclos which recognises that Natuna waters are part of the Sovereign Territorial Boundary of the Republic of Indonesia, only in 1960 the Waters Act was issued which has been amended up to 4 times.

According to Rodhial, the Sea is a world heritage and should not be divided by personal will. However, we can only acknowledge the waters if the nation and this region are able to fulfil various water activities, both trade transport and fisheries sector activities.

In other words, if Indonesia does not fulfil its sea with its own ships, then Indonesia will only have a sea at an imaginary administrative boundary, on a map.

On the same occasion, the Supervisor of Pasis Dikreg Seskoal, Colonel Laut (P) Agus Prabowo Adi, S.E in his speech said that in this program, the focus of Seskoal’s research is the empowerment of the potential of national resources in the Natuna region, in order to face military threats in Alki I, in order to support the State’s defense strategy at sea.

Furthermore, Colonel Agus explained that the purpose of this activity is to equip student officers with the ability to collect data on national resources in the maritime aspect of an area through research and review.

The KKDN Strategy Forum activity in Natuna Regency was held for four days, from 24 to 27 June 2024, attended by 10 student officers (9 student officers from the Navy and 1 student officer from the Police), accompanied by 3 lecturers and 3 coordination teams.

Attended the event were the Secretary of Natuna Regency, Danlanud, Kapolres, Danposit, Danlanal, Kajari, Ka. Basarnas, Ka. District Court and several leaders of Regional Apparatus Organisations within the Natuna Regency Government. (Pro_kopim/Patli)

RILIS PERS, Number : 0339 /PRO_KOPIM/2024

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