The Vice Regent of Natuna Leads a Meeting of Preparation of the Cafilah Departure for the Riau Islands Provincial MTQH.

Monday, 06 May 2024, the Vice Regent of Natuna, Rodhial Huda led a meeting of the preparation of the departure of the Natuna Regency Cafilah to participate in the Riau Islands Provincial MTQH, held in his office, the Regional Secretariat Office of Natuna Regency, Jalan Batu Sisir Bukit Arai, Bunguran Timur District.

The meeting highlighted several matters related to the preparation and duties of each field in supporting the departure of the Natuna Regency Caravan.

Rodhial Huda stated that for a smooth running as planned, the most important thing is that coordination between parties must go well.

‘Please follow up the information that is considered important and hold another meeting to inform the progress of preparation until the departure process,’ explained Rodhial Huda.

He added, that the departure procedure, preparing all accommodations, particularly for participants and officials, must be maximally pursued, so that the race participants can provide maximum performance and the best results.

Furthermore, the Head of the Natuna Regency Secretariat’s Welfare Section, Sudirman explained that the cafilah would depart on 18 May and return on 30 May 2024, adjusting the Provincial MTQH agenda in Batam which will open on 20 May 2024.

‘On the departure day (18/05), we will ask the group to gather at 9am, for baggage collection to facilitate coordination and the departure process. For the luggage transport vehicle, we kindly ask for the assistance of the Public Head to help coordinate,’ explained Sudirman.

The composition of the Natuna Regency cafilah that will depart later, including several regional officials, participants, and several elements from Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) and non-OPD who will serve as fillers of the Exhibition Stand, Health Workers, reporters, and several other supporting service tasks. (Pro_kopim Natuna/Patli)

RILIS PERS, Number : 0317 /PRO_KOPIM/2023

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