Opening Women’s Leadership and Table Manner Training, Vice Regent Expects Women to Support the realization of SDG’s Achievements

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the Gender Development Index (GDI) of Natuna Regency is 91.86 per cent. This indicated that if the IPG is close to 100 per cent, the smaller the development gap between men and women.

The importance of women’s role in the development of the government focused on 4 main sectors, namely education, health, employment and violence prevention.

In addition, strategic steps are prepared to address the issue of side-by-side empowerment, gender equality, while achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S).

This was conveyed by the Vice Regent of Natuna, Rodhial Huda, when officially opening the Women’s Leadership Training and Table Manner, held at the Natuna Aula Dive Resort, Sepempang Village, Bunguran Timur Sub-District, on Tuesday (25/06) morning.

Also present on the occasion were heads of Regional Apparatus Organizations, Heads of Women’s Organizations in the Natuna Regency Working Area and participants.

Given the importance of the conditions to be achieved through this activity, Rodhial Huda hopes that the participants will gain insight development, especially for realizing leadership characters that can be applied in carrying out all roles played in the future.

On the same occasion, the Chief Executive as well as the Head of the Natuna Regency Women’s Empowerment, Child Protection and Family Planning Office, Sri Riawati reported that this activity aims to improve the quality of women as one of the indicators of IPG and gender empowerment in Natuna Regency.

The number of participants who took part in the activity was 65 people, coming from representatives of civil servants from each OPD, and the head of UP DWP in the Natuna Regency Government. Pro-Kopim (D&S)

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