Inaugurating the Extension of the Term of Office of BPD in 2024, the Regent of Natuna Expects BPD to Carry Out Tasks Professionally and Proportionally

The Regent of Natuna, Wan Siswandi, accompanied by the Vice Chairman II of the Natuna Regency DPRD, inaugurated the Extension of the Term of Office of the Village Consultative Body (BPD) throughout Natuna Regency in 2024, based on Natuna Regent Decree Number 251 of 2024 dated 24 June 2024, located at the Sri-Serindit Ranai Multipurpose Building, (01/07) afternoon.

In his speech, Wan Siswandi told both the Village Heads and BPD members to be able to work and carry out their duties seriously and with a full sense of responsibility.

According to him, the Village Head and BPD members are partners so that the implementation of the village government can run in balance, therefore both parties must be able to build harmonious communication, both between the two, as well as with various institutions and with the sub-district and district governments of course.

Lastly, to all BPD members who have just been confirmed in extending their term of office, Wan Siswandi congratulated them on carrying out the task of supervising the implementation of development and governance in a professional and proportional manner.

This is intended as a form of support for realising a cleaner, more transparent, effective and efficient village administration for the progress and welfare of the community.

Also present on the occasion were several members of the DPRD, members of Forkopinda, leaders of Regional Apparatus Organisations, Heads of District, Village Heads and BPD Members throughout Natuna Regency. Pro-Kopim (D&S)

RILIS PERS, Number : 0345 /PRO_KOPIM/2024

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