Attending the Dendang Piwang Cultural Event, the Regent of Natuna Hopes to Be a Momentum for Cultural Preservation and Connecting Friendship

The Regent of Natuna, Wan Siswandi, attended the Dendang Piwang Cultural Title event held at the Astaka Field in Sedanau Village, Bunguran Barat District, Saturday (22/06) night.

Present at the event were the Vice Regent of Natuna, Members of the Natuna Regency DPRD, Several Regional Apparatus Organisation Leaders, Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Natuna Regency TP PKK, Sub-District Head and Elements of Forkompimcam Bunguran Barat, community leaders, religious leaders and the people of Sedanau.

Wan Siswandi stated that this activity was a continuation of the activities that had been carried out from last year, where the implementation was carried out in the Regency capital.

For this year the implementation has been changed, from the location of the Regency Capital, currently held in each district. This aims to hone talent and maintain local culture, as well as to strengthen ties with the local community.

Wan Siswandi said he expected support from the community to continue the development that had been planned, so that in the future this area would be more advanced and developed.

On the same occasion, the Head of the Natuna Regency Education and Culture Office, Hendra Kusuma also said that the activity aims to preserve the culture that exists in each sub-district.

In addition, the Head of Bunguran Barat Sub-District, Khaidir, thanked all elements of the committee who had made this activity for the entertainment of the Sedanau community.

Khaidir also added that tomorrow, Saturday (23/06) will also be held the Floating City Festival which will be centered at the Sedanau Pioneer Port, where the organizer is the Natuna Regency Tourism Office.

At the event, several regional arts were displayed from several art studios and schools from Bunguran Barat District, the handover of kompang musical instruments to the District Qasidah group and vacuum equipment assistance for local micro-business actors. (pro_kopim/arf).

RILIS PERS, Number : 0335 /PRO_KOPIM/2024

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